At Northside Dental, patient safety is our primary concern. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have adopted all enahnced safety measures prescribed by Public Health and the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario. This includes strictly following enhanced personal protective equipment guidelines and sealing our operatories and fitting them with advanced air filters to capture aerosols. All rooms are left empty to fallow in the event of aerosol generating procedures before thoroughly cleaned.

We ask all arriving patients to wear an appropriate mask upon entering. Additionally, our waiting area has been changed to best facilitate proper social distancing, and where social distance is not possible barriers have been installed. We ask that patients arrive 10 minutes early and call upon arrival for their dental appointments so that our staff can better manage the flow of patients and minimize the number of patients in the waiting area at any given time.

All these protocols are in place to protect our patients and staff and we respectfully ask for your co-operation. Northside Dental seeks to continue to provide the same excellent quality of care our patients are accustomed to while also helping Chatham get back to being a community untouched by Covid-19. If there are any questions about the policies in place, please do not hesitate to call.