At Northside Dental, we provide a wide range of dental restorations, and cosmetic treatment options. If your teeth are decayed, fractured or you would like to improve their appearance, our skilled dentists can provide you with beautiful, lifelike restorations.

Direct Restorations (Fillings)

Fillings are the treatment of choice for small fractures or repairing decayed teeth. Patients are typically frozen, the tooth is prepared and composite resin (white filling material) is color matched, and applied to return the tooth to its natural contour.


When teeth are more structurally compromised, a crown (commonly called “caps”) are the most appropriate way to restore the tooth to its natural contour. Crowns become necessary when teeth become increasingly filled, or have a history of large fractures, as crowns can more readily take the significant force produced by biting and more evenly distribute those forces. To place crowns, the teeth are slightly shaved around and on top to facilitate the crown fitting like a thimble over a fingertip.


When there is a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth can be used to suspend a fake tooth to fill the space. In the case of a bridge, this a permanently cemented prosthetic that is suspended from crowns placed on the surrounding teeth to “bridge” the gap.