Tooth loss can be damaging both to your confidence as well as your day-to-day eating, and often seems like an impossible to overcome obstacle. The team at Northside dental can help you recover the beautiful smile you deserve. Northside is proud to have an in-house denturist who can help you with all your denture needs. From complete dentures to partial dentures to implant supported dentures, we provide a wide range of treatment options to rebuild your smile.  Please book a free consultation with the denturist to have any of your questions answered.

New Complete Dentures

A complete denture replaces all teeth in each jaw. Prior to the insertion of a complete denture, all the teeth need to be extracted. If you currently require dental extractions and are worried about having no teeth after the extractions, fear not because dentures can be inserted same day.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures replace some, but not all the teeth in each jaw and require some existing teeth on which to clasp. The construction can be cast metal based or entirely acrylic with various types of clasps to get a snug and secure fit.

Implant-retained Dentures

Traditional dentures depend on a very close match to a patient’s anatomy to have a good fit. In some cases, because of age or a patient’s anatomy, it is not possible to achieve a secure fit without some additional assistance. That assistance can come in the form of implants which can help retain the denture snugly and improve the overall function of the denture.

Denture Repairs

If an otherwise well-fitting denture has become broken, you need to add a tooth, or the internal surface needs to relined, the team at Northside can repair your denture, typically same day.