At Northside Dental, we pride ourselves on providing excellent quality care in comfortable and positive atmosphere for patients of all ages. From the outset, our aim is to educate patients about proper oral hygiene, and empower patients to strive for their own positive dental outcomes. The most important part of the care we provide is undoubtedly preventative dentistry.

Children’s Dental Visits

 A child’s first visit to the dental office is the foundation for their attitudes and acceptance of dental care going forward. We are committed to being a “dental home” for all the children in our care. Sometimes that first visit might just be a tour, or an introduction to normalize visits to the dental office, but the sooner we can get your little ones to buy in to the idea of good oral hygiene, the easier their future care will be.  We invite parents to bring their children as soon as they have their first tooth.

Dental Emergencies    

True dental emergencies are rare, but include traumatic events that:

  • Intrude teeth (push teeth into the jaw).
  • Avulse teeth (knock them out of the mouth),
  • Fracture teeth exposing the nerve
  • Dislocate or fracture the jaw

If one of these events occur, we advise that you promptly call us for guidance and so that we can get you in as soon as possible. In some cases, like with knocking a tooth out, minutes can make the difference between losing a tooth and saving it.